Who Is Mick Curran?

Mick Curran is what makes MCC different.

Mick has ‘been there and done that’.
He has competed and trained using sessions you will be using to stand on the top step of podium at the UCI World Cup and UCI World Championships.
Mick is a school teacher by trade with university degrees in Education majoring in Personal Developemt, Health and Physical Edcuaction. He blends his passion of cycling and his background in education to now empower and inspire others to achieve their goals.
He has pulled on the coveted UCI World Championships rainbow stripes and currently holds the UCI World Record as pilot for the 4km tandem pursuit (with Matt Formston).

Mick has raced and won on many different bikes around the World.
He has numerous state, national and international medals on both the road and track.

As former member of the Australian team, tap into what Mick has tried and tested over the years to get him to where he is now. Access his knowledge, research and experience into the most recent training practices. Work closely with him to customise a program to suit you and get the best results as an individual.

You may not have aspirations of winning world championships, and Mick understands this. Mick has a relaxed, patient and understanding approach to his athletes, which will get you the best results.

Whether your goals are winning world titles, winning a club race, develop better skills on the bike or a happier, healthier, more stress free life, contact MCC to take the turn the first pedal stroke.